The Experts

The Judges

We have invited judges who are highly regarded experts in their field to assess and evaluate all Design Award entries, let’s meet them…

Sue Archibald

Sue Archibald

Company Director at Promote Ltd

Sue is Managing Director of Promote Ltd, an events management company based in Wellington. She’s best known for her role as Awards Manager for the prestigious Pride In Print Awards.

She has held this role since the inception of the Awards in 1993 and was actively involved in the creation of the Awards programme for the New Zealand Print Industry in 1992.

Logan Fuldseth

Logan Fuldseth

Assistant Head of Faculty - Graphic and Web YOOBEE School of Design

Over the last five years Logan has been actively involved in the redevelopment of Yoobee’s design programmes, working closely with NZQA to ensure a high level of design education.

Since 2013 Logan has taught across a wide range of design programmes at the school and works as a freelance designer in his spare time. Logan enjoys exploring ideas of problem solving and design thinking across a range of brands, type and marketing solutions

Jeremy Houltham

Jeremy Houltham

Communications Strategist at Redshift

Jeremy is the winner of Redshift’s Designer of the year award in 2018 as well as a gold winner for websites in the same year. He graduated from Massey University with 1st class honors in visual communication design and has 5 years experience working in redshift studios.

How do they judge?

Evaluation Criteria


  • Demonstrates evidence of clear thinking and a compelling strategy (10%)
  • Understands and responds to the brief (15%)
  • Understands the context and audience for the work (10%)


  • The work demonstrates a high level of creativity and originality (15%)
  • Demonstrates a strong idea or message (10%)
  • Is visually compelling (10%)


  • Translates/expresses both Thinking and Concept well (10%)
  • Demonstrates best current practice in the selected medium (10%)
  • Understands and exploits the medium/resources used (10%)