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Robyn Morrison

Printing.com TGM Creative

hello rebrand and campaign for tgm creative

Customer Needs: As a team, we felt we were losing our relevance with customers and potential customers as our brand:
1. Was not adequately reflecting our values and how we like to do business.
2. Was not attracting and helping us engage with the right clients for us.
3. Was lacking differentiation from our competitors.
4. Lacked an obvious call to action for potential or returning customers to choose us.
5. Was too corporate and safe.\ As a result, we were in a reactive not proactive mode and felt like order takers, not partners.

Judges comments: The brand being centered around the word “hello” is so simple yet highly effective. The overall design is restrained yet playful and emotive. The colour palette used gives the brand a soft inviting feeling that makes you feel comfortable with TGM on the first impression.


Robyn Morrison

Printing.com TGM Creative

tgm xpo

Customer Needs: Just telling clients we’re a full service agency is not enough – what does full service mean? Letting clients know we have exciting new products gets lost – is your exciting the same as mine? How do we let our clients know we have great exhibition solutions and promotional items that can help them promote their brand outside of print and digital?
It’s impossible to whip out an array of promotional items or a selection of the latest exhibition items at the drop of a hat in a client meeting and sometimes visuals just aren’t enough. People like to see, touch and interact. Then they can imagine the possibilities of taking their brand from print and digital into 3D. So we wanted a solution to resolve this issue.


Laura Good & Caitlin Tindall

Printing.com Rangiora

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Customer Needs: Our logo was tired and dated and did not visually represent us well any more