Emily McCormick

PDC Queenstown

Gutter Rescue Fire Truck

Customer Needs: Our client used to have ordinary business cards and would like to write on them who the person was that
serviced their property. They had purchased a fire truck from China which they turned into the work truck and wanted their new
truck to be the focal point of their cards with also still having space to personalise each card by writing the name of the service person on the card.

Judges comments: This piece really caught the judges eye and was intriguing. To be left as a calling card after the gutter service was provided highlighted the unique truck central to the companies brand.


Hannah Wylde

Printing.com Fitzgerald Ave

Cycle Lab Branding Design

Customer Needs: Cycle Lab, a startup business required a cutting edge identity to launch within the competitive sector of cycle coaching within the New Zealand market. Cycle Lab offers a range of cycle coaching packages and training options. Their fundamental requirement was an identity that would be functional across a range of products; stationery, web, apparel etc whilst embodying a professional, approachable and knowledgeable tone.


Samantha Hitchcock

Printing.com @ Queenstown Print

World Travellers Passport

Customer Needs: Our client needed a simple yet effective business card that would stand out of the crowds at travel expos. They wanted a card that would show professionalism while also giving their clients a smile.