Alexandra Dawson

Alexandra Dawson

PDC Napier

Shattky Optometrists Bookmark

Customer Feedback: Tim was incredibly happy with the design and the end product, telling us that kids were enjoying their
bookmarks. Tim was also pleased to see that the colours used in the design matched their new branding really nicely.
Client: Tim Eagle, Optometrist at Visique Shattky on Russell Optometrists

Judges comments: This demonstrated great thinking, from a designer who was clearly in touch with the client, their business and what they needed.
A very clever solution to the design problem. Its great to see such consideration being made for the audience and the clients needs.

We loved the idea and the design was bold and fun.


Hannah Wylde

Hannah Wylde

PDC Fitzgerald Ave

Little High Eatery Event Promotion


Adrian Campbell

Adrian Campbell

PDC Whanganui

Whanau Ballers

Designer’s comments: The client brief was to design a tear drop flag that would be used for an upcoming rangatahi focused basketball training event, they wanted something eyecatching that could be seen from a distance, that utilised their current branding, colours and elements.

We looked at how to get the most visability out of the Whanau Ballers logo itself and positioned it on a angle that best fit the shape of flag, the basketball sillouettes were all placed at various sizes to create an element of depth and all motion toward the brand leading the eye to where we want the focus. The background utilises the yellow from the logo, with a paler tone to prevent the colours from feeling flat.