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Jon Clamp

Jon Clamp


Moreish Kitchen

Customer Feedback: The website is great. We have had loads of new enquiries in the past month or so and I believe its because
of the website so thank you.

Kim Jillings
Moreish Kitchens

Judges comments: Clean, simple and sophisticated final design that makes you want to dig in and taste. The whole design works well across various mediums too.


Jeremy Houltham

Jeremy Houltham

Nettl Petone

The In Home Childcare Company


Brya Page, Tash Oxford, Joseph Callanan

Brya Page, Tash Oxford, Joseph Callanan

PDC Whangarei

Whangarei Primary School

Customer Feedback: Our school recently undertook an in-depth process of community consultation to identify our shared sense of purpose and direction in terms of the desired educational outcomes for our learners. A new school vision and supporting set of strategic aims was crafted. These were underpinned by our core school values. It soon became apparent that we needed to communicate our school aspirations in a more visual way. A decision was taken to update and refresh the design of our school logo, website and literature. In doing so, we wanted to retain a strong element of student voice in this creative process. Our initial in-house attempts
faltered somewhat, and as a result of this we commissioned printing.com to work alongside us in this process.

To their absolute credit, Printing.Com remained true to the brief given them. The resulting school logo reflected a highly consultative process with students, staff and parents. The logo is a representation of our school pipiha, featuring our local landmarks; Mount Parihaka, Whangarei Harbour, and the aspirational links to our shared journey of learning on a waka.
A further key component has been the colour selections that printing.com made for our logo. A further consequence of this, has been a review and update of our school uniform which now reflects the optimism of our school vision as well as our new logo design. printing.com came up with the idea to use elements of the logo to represent each of our four school values. This has become a key feature of our visual communications.

Our new school logo, website and signage are a source of pride for us. We have received a lot of very positive feedback from our parent community and visitors to our school. We believe they are a visual celebration of who we are as a school community.
Martin Van Rijswijk
Whangarei Primary School